Human dreams on computer screen …

I accidentally came across a very interesting news about a new technology, and this technology will enable the display of images from the brain on the screen, if development continues, I suppose.

Japanese scientists, at some probably a Japanese institute called ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories , have succeeded in making simple images from the brain processing and projecting onto the computer screen. Doduse, they only managed to get some simple images to be uploaded.

Now, it is interesting to say that for the first time it was for the first time that they managed to extract the images from the brain activity, and that they would be able to display dreams and hidden thoughts on the screen.

Be careful when thinking about some hot actress .

Does that mean that someday computers will read thoughts, and that we can totally forgive our privacy? Let’s say some hidden devices around town, airports, cinemas, in the form of hidden cameras?

It works quite interesting, and quite inclined to abuse …

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