Mali Firefox tricks

Here’s a small Firefox trick I occasionally use:

It’s about having a number of open tabs, with the pages you need, and you need to reset your computer, and reopen all those pages in tabs.

One solution is to remember the addresses of all those pages in the bookmark, and then open those pages again, and then delete the forgotten addresses, if you do not need them.

Another solution is the violent extinguishing of the Firefox process. After the violent extinguishing of the firefox process, and the re-launch of the firefox, FF will ask you if it precedes the previous session or starts a new one. If you choose to continue the previous session, it will reopen all pages that have been opened.

You can perform violent firefighting by interrupting the operation of the firefox process by opening the task manager by right-clicking the status line button and selecting the Task Manager option , and then find the firefox.exe process in the task manager, right-click, and select the End option process .

He can listen to the trick in some cases …