How to add a game shortcut parameter?

In certain games, there are cheats, which offer various benefits, such as unlimited ammunition, indestructibility, flight modes and others. In order to use cheat sometimes it is necessary to add a parameter to the game shortcut, or the command line parameter. In this blog I will explain how this is done.

I note that this does not work for all games, but only for games that need to add a command line parameter to activate the ability to use cheat.

So when in the game codes you see that you need to add some parameter to the game shortcut, or the parameter in the command line ( -cheat , -devmode or some other), use this small tutorial to successfully add the parameter to the game.


The first thing we need to do is to right-click a shortcut to play on the desktop, then select the Properities item in the popup menu, which is usually the last item in that popup menu.

When we select it, the game shortcuts window will open, and usually there are several cards at the top, and we need to select the Shortcut tab .

In the Target field, the game location is entered, such as

“C: \ Program Files \ Game \ Game.exe”.

This should be changed by adding the desired parameter behind the closed quotation marks, for example:

“C: \ Program Files \ Game \ Game.exe “-devmode

The _)

following examples will not work correctly:

“C: \ Program Files \ Game \ Game.exe” -devices
“C: \ Program Files \ Game \ Game.exe -devmode ”

Therefore, the parameter must be added after the quotation, but with a single space between the parameter and the closed quotation marks.

When we add a parameter, clicking the Apply button at the bottom of the window in which we set the parameter will confirm the changes, and OK to close the parameter set window. After that, we are left to start the shortcut game, and enjoy the game using codes and cheats that make it easy to play.

Again, I would like to point out that this tutorial is just an example of how to add a parameter, and that it is not specifically related to a particular game, but only explains how this command line parameter is set, through the shortcut to the game.

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