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About the site Mr. Gog

Mr.Gog is an Internet portal dedicated to computers, mobile phones and modern technologies.
The site is primarily created as an enthusiastic project.
The goal of the site is to integrate as much useful information about computers, games, software, hardware, mobile phones …
Currently, the site contains the following sections:
Mr. Gog Čitaliste
Codes and cheats for games
Game coaches
Descriptions of games
Free Flash Games
You describe the virus
Descriptions of the spy program
Virus removal tools
Patch for Windows
Windows Registry tricks
Free software
The side of the computer
Wallpaper galerija
Mobile phones and PDAs
Melodies for mobile phones
SMS messages
Also, the site also contains the Forum , in which portal members can share experiences about computers, mobile telephones, or other areas, can help each other in relation to various problems … or they can simply socialize and communicate.
In addition, the site also contains a Blog , where members of the portal can publish their publications.
If you own a website, you can add the address of your site to the directory of web links , and you can also register your site on the top list of websites.
The site is visiting free small ads , in which you can announce the sale, purchase, or replacement.
Сайт Mr. Gog is in favor of any kind of cooperation that would contribute to improving the content of the site. If you want to get involved , you can contact us via the contact page .