Microsoft Windows 7 installation on USB disk

Microsft has enabled netbook users to download and install Windows 7 via USB Flash Disk.

So far, users have had to download the ISO version of Windows installation to a DVD drive in order to install Windows, which is not effective for owners of netbooks that do not have a DVD drive. To solve this problem, Microsoft offered to download the installation of Windows 7 directly to the USB drive. In order for users to successfully install Windows 7 from the USB drive, they will have to change the settings in the computer’s BIOS so that they can boot the computer from the USB drive.

Downloading Windows 7 to USB memory is possible via the Microsoft Online Store, offering Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate Editions of the operating system. However, the Windows 7 Starter Edition is not available. Also, in this way, Microsoft only offers upgrades to versions of Windows 7 operating systems, so users will be able to install Windows 7 only if they have a copy of Windows XP or Windows Vista operating systems.

How to add a game shortcut parameter?

In certain games, there are cheats, which offer various benefits, such as unlimited ammunition, indestructibility, flight modes and others. In order to use cheat sometimes it is necessary to add a parameter to the game shortcut, or the command line parameter. In this blog I will explain how this is done.

I note that this does not work for all games, but only for games that need to add a command line parameter to activate the ability to use cheat.

So when in the game codes you see that you need to add some parameter to the game shortcut, or the parameter in the command line ( -cheat , -devmode or some other), use this small tutorial to successfully add the parameter to the game.


The first thing we need to do is to right-click a shortcut to play on the desktop, then select the Properities item in the popup menu, which is usually the last item in that popup menu.

When we select it, the game shortcuts window will open, and usually there are several cards at the top, and we need to select the Shortcut tab .

In the Target field, the game location is entered, such as

“C: \ Program Files \ Game \ Game.exe”.

This should be changed by adding the desired parameter behind the closed quotation marks, for example:

“C: \ Program Files \ Game \ Game.exe “-devmode

The _)

following examples will not work correctly:

“C: \ Program Files \ Game \ Game.exe” -devices
“C: \ Program Files \ Game \ Game.exe -devmode ”

Therefore, the parameter must be added after the quotation, but with a single space between the parameter and the closed quotation marks.

When we add a parameter, clicking the Apply button at the bottom of the window in which we set the parameter will confirm the changes, and OK to close the parameter set window. After that, we are left to start the shortcut game, and enjoy the game using codes and cheats that make it easy to play.

Again, I would like to point out that this tutorial is just an example of how to add a parameter, and that it is not specifically related to a particular game, but only explains how this command line parameter is set, through the shortcut to the game.

Human dreams on computer screen …

I accidentally came across a very interesting news about a new technology, and this technology will enable the display of images from the brain on the screen, if development continues, I suppose.

Japanese scientists, at some probably a Japanese institute called ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories , have succeeded in making simple images from the brain processing and projecting onto the computer screen. Doduse, they only managed to get some simple images to be uploaded.

Now, it is interesting to say that for the first time it was for the first time that they managed to extract the images from the brain activity, and that they would be able to display dreams and hidden thoughts on the screen.

Be careful when thinking about some hot actress .

Does that mean that someday computers will read thoughts, and that we can totally forgive our privacy? Let’s say some hidden devices around town, airports, cinemas, in the form of hidden cameras?

It works quite interesting, and quite inclined to abuse …

Virtual Reality … simulation of all 5 cools …

Virtual reality … when it comes to the notion of virtual reality, the image of a person in a special suit, in an empty room of 4×4 meters, with a helmet on the head passes through the thought, and while a person plays a game, the helmet projects images, and the suit simulates for example injuries, or hits a bullet. So something we all had the opportunity to see, at least in science fantastic films, if not in this real, non-virtual reality.

However, the development of technology has gone one step further … The next thing that awaits us in the field of development of virtual reality is a helmet that simulates all five senses: vision, sound, smell and even taste.

Virtual Cocoon – a helmet that is being developed by British academics from York and Warwick University, is able to bring the “reality” of virtual reality to a higher level.

Earlier, using certain equipment, virtual reality consisted of visual and audio simulation. The future in the development of virtual reality is a helmet that not only simulates video and audio, but you can also sense smells and tastes. In one part of the helmet, a mixture of chemicals creates a scent, and there is the possibility of injecting these chemicals into the mouth to create a taste.

The purpose of using this device, or cation, can be great: from playing games, to virtuous visits to mature places, to training soldiers.

Will the day come when everyone will have such helmets, and when the streets will become completely empty, and the “virtual” cafes are full? _)Maybe a new version of The Sims will be released, in which we will not create characters, but will be my virtual community characters.

XPI Edditor

I thought that editing xpi files was much harder, but when I started searching, I came across a tutorial that says that the xpi file can be opened with WinZip and Total Comander (as well as everything for the total commander and here I emphasized it was better over him) and after simply editing xml files in its interior.

Mali Firefox tricks

Here’s a small Firefox trick I occasionally use:

It’s about having a number of open tabs, with the pages you need, and you need to reset your computer, and reopen all those pages in tabs.

One solution is to remember the addresses of all those pages in the bookmark, and then open those pages again, and then delete the forgotten addresses, if you do not need them.

Another solution is the violent extinguishing of the Firefox process. After the violent extinguishing of the firefox process, and the re-launch of the firefox, FF will ask you if it precedes the previous session or starts a new one. If you choose to continue the previous session, it will reopen all pages that have been opened.

You can perform violent firefighting by interrupting the operation of the firefox process by opening the task manager by right-clicking the status line button and selecting the Task Manager option , and then find the firefox.exe process in the task manager, right-click, and select the End option process .

He can listen to the trick in some cases …

Webmaster’s Winnings – Other Opportunities

Basically, webmasters use Google Adsense ads to earn money. However, surfing the Internet I found other services of other companies that enable webmasters to earn money. In this blog, other services are appealing, and what other webmaster services offer you.

Upon approval, a code is placed that appears on the site, and which shows plain textual ads. Payments are made via Paypal or Clickbank. These ads can be displayed smoothly on Google ads pages.


A large number of different formats, from text ads through banners to advertisements across the entire page. Payments are made once a month with a minimum income of $ 100. Adbrite has no limit on how to place ads on other sites on the site.


Ads relevant to the website, by key words from the site. They only allow sites in English, and the site must contain at least 50 words.

Only for sites with high traffic, that is, for sites with a minimum of 500,000 visited pages per day.

Yahoo Publisher Network

Similar to Google Adsense, you design your ad appearance yourself. Payments are made via PayPal, and the minimum payment amount is $ 50. The payment can also be made through the check when you earn $ 100.

24 different designs and ad sizes. Paying via Paypal, the minimum payout for the payment is $ 10, and the payment can also be made through a check when you earn $ 30.


Also a large number of ad formats. Payment is made via Paypal once a month, and the condition for payment is a minimum salary of $ 250. You earn by click.

I’ve collected all of these links elsewhere with the net, and here I just listed them as references. If you want to earn through one of these services, of course, first check whether and how they make a payment for Serbia.

Zuma’s Revenge – the sequel to the old good Zuma games

For all those who have spent hours relaxing with the game Zuma, the new version of the game, Zuma’s Revenge , is a sequel to the game.

The new Zuma title brings about 60 levels, in four modes of play:

Iron Frog
Heroic Frog

The graphics in the game are naturally improved, as well as the game itself, due to varied innovations.

You can read more about the game on the official website of the game, from where you can download the game:

Dead Space PC igra …

Here I have just turned the game so that I can write something about it, I turned it on with cheats (ie the coach), since I was left without ammunition at one level.

Dead Space …

The game takes place at the space station, which performs some excavations near a planet, in the first 11 levels, and the last 12 levels are on the planet itself. However, something discovered on the planet, some scientists found something, and it caused the creation of some mutants, which you are fighting during the game.

The game is not in the essence of a hard core shooters, but there are some pranks, riddles, but they are very free.

In addition to 6-7 types of weapons, the main character also has some special powers, which are to counter the movement of the enemy, so that they can be easily drowned, which is also used to slow down the door closure and similar during the game. There is also the movement and capture of the object by telekinesis, i.e. without contact with the object.

What I like in the game itself is a map, on the map itself is marked where you need to move to complete a task, and by pressing the B button during the game, a blue line appears, during the game, which also indicates the path, there is no more desperate walk through the corridors to find the goal, which knows that it irritates me in some games when I simply get lost and I do not know where to go.

Enemies … it’s easiest to kill them by essentially tearing off parts of your body, arm or leg. So, the game is pretty bloody and is not meant for younger ages, it’s too brutal.

During the game, you collect some Power Node objects for which you can upgrade weapons, so they become stronger, quicker ammunition, or have greater ammunition capacity. Also, during the game you also find ‘shops’ where you can sell unnecessary things, or buy everything you need, ammunition and first aid. And, in the course of the game, you find schemes where you can unlock new weapons, protective clothing, and new objects in stores, which you can then buy.

Otherwise, it’s played from the other person, it means watching the main character from the back.

The screen is transparent and clean during play, i.e. besides the game there is nothing shown. The main character’s life energy is displayed on the back of the character, and the remaining ammunition in the weapon you see on the weapon itself when targeting the enemy.

Basically, the game is not bad, the graphics are great, but it’s fun for just a couple of days.

When you first play the game at a normal weight level, the fourth level of difficulty is disabled – and as a reward you get a protective suit level of 6, 50,000 credits, as well as a 10 power note facility.